Renting out your house?

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Bosch & Duyn estate agents rents out homes and specializes in the rental of upholstered and/or furnished apartments and villas. Through years of experience in renting out and renting homes, we can quickly and easily find a suitable tenant or home for you.

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Renting out your home?

You have come to the right place for the rental of a home. Your rental request will be forwarded to various specialized rental and rental offices and international companies, so that the property can be rented out in the foreseeable future.

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Rent a house?

If you are looking for a suitable rental property, Bosch & Duyn will put together a route based on your personal wishes. You will see a few suitable homes in a short time and you can make a choice from the range. During this route you will also receive as much information as possible about the region, to ensure that you quickly feel at home in your new living environment.

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Appointment with a rental agent

We can inform you about the various rental rules, rental prices, contracts and all other aspects involved in renting out a home. Do you want to know what else we can do for your situation? Then make an appointment with a rental agent.

How does Bosch & Duyn work

  1. Rental interview, during a no-obligation conversation we explain our activities and give an advice on the rental price.
  2. Recording house.
  3. We will go through the special features of the house with you.
  4. We discuss the preferred profile of potential tenant(s).
  5. Taking pictures of the house for the various media.
  6. The data obtained is then processed and the property is added to the websites:, and to our housing guide.
  7. Making appointments with interested candidates.
  8. Negotiation of a rental agreement.
  9. Recording the agreements made (rental agreement, payments, check-in, etc.) with the new tenants of your house.

Tips when renting

  • Inventory: Take photos or video recordings of your home yourself as an addition to your own inventory list.
  • Insurance: Make sure you have good household contents (for furnished rentals) and fire insurance.
  • Neighbors: Inform the neighbors about the rental of your home.
  • Information: Make a clear list for the tenant about the facilities in and around the house with instructions for use of various equipment.
  • Furnished: Make sure that a washing machine (and dryer) are present in the house. Hire a cleaner who regularly cleans and checks the house. The associated costs can be included in the rental price.
  • internet: Wireless internet is easy to obtain and connect. If your owner-occupied home is close to the rental home, you can offer the tenant free internet access via your own wireless network!
  • Telephone: Have your telephone disconnected (or take your number with you if possible), and let the tenant apply for their own number.
  • Post: Make sure your mail goes to your own (new) postal address.

Bosch & Duyn Makelaars distinguishes itself by offering a total package of services with a personal approach.

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