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The search for a home is an exciting and uncertain process. Especially if you don't know exactly what you're looking for yet. Where do you want to live? How big should it be? Who are you going to live with and what will your life look like in 5 years?

We are happy to help you with your search! We make an inventory of your wishes and then look for the perfect home for you and with you.

Our expert estate agents will help you with the search and tell you everything about the property. Legal, architectural and of course practical. Because a house should also feel good!

Misschien staat je droomhuis hier wel tussen!

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Copaan is a personal online search system that our purchase estate agents use to provide you with a customized service as a home seeker. If you choose Copaan in the purchase package, you will receive a special login code to this system. In this system you can find the desired home better, faster and more fun. You can easily create a complete profile in your online environment with your priorities, wishes and requirements. Neighborhood information is also integrated. Copaan selects suitable homes especially for you from all the current offers. That is easy, simple and above all effective. Do you want to know more about the benefits of Copaan? Then get in touch.

Buying a house together

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Because we know how exciting buying a home is!

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We are happy to help you in the search for your dream home. Our estate agents personally guide you through the entire process. The inventory of your wishes, the search, the research (structural and technical) and of course the negotiation. And if that is successful, we will guide you up to and including the transfer at the notary.


Frequently Asked Questions

We also help you find a home and inform you daily of the latest
offer. In many cases you are more aware of the latest offers than people who look for a home themselves (via Funda, for example). In addition, we can play less hard
looking for criteria, so that a house with a room or a few m2 too little does not immediately fall off the list. It's possible
after all, it is possible to realize an extra room or to increase the surface area.

A real estate agent determines the strategy in advance together with the seller of a home. Sometimes this is one
ambitious price and then it may be possible to negotiate a lower purchase price. In others
In some cases, a very competitive asking price has been chosen, as a result of which there is great interest and there is
outbid by buyers. It may even be that the expectations in advance are different than in the
practice shows. So it depends on many factors and therefore there is not one standard. This is also one
reason to hire a broker. So that, based on expert advice, a
market-based purchase price can be determined.

Of course that's possible! We are happy to accompany you, but you can also make a first impression yourself. When the house is to your liking, we can take another look together or we can go to the house alone.

The selling broker is there for the seller. He/she will receive you kindly and from
important information, but is ultimately out to sell the house and of course
on the best possible terms. A buyer's agent is there for the buyer and will inform you
about the house and guiding you through the purchase, where he / she stands up for your interests.

If you decide not to buy anymore, our costs are € 275,- incl. VAT, regardless of how much work we have done for this. If the sale has been (verbally) concluded and the purchase is (un)intentionally dissolved by the buyer, for example by making use of the statutory cooling-off period or by not obtaining financing, the costs will amount to € 750, - incl. VAT. for the services provided.

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